Help if I could type the right Vista build number and Vacation bound

I was just reviewing a couple things and noticed I typo’d the build number in Vista.  I meant to type 5308 instead of 5380. I am sure people are going, what program are you in to get such a newer build.  Trust me, I was into geeking too much and did not notice.  I am starting vacation and thought I would stop over to the blog and say howdy.  I am curious why MS says Vista is a year or less away and 60% of the code has to be re-written.  From a early view of this CTP build, the product is stable.  I am sure not everyone would agree but hey!   I was quoted once saying the 1.0 beta was the most stable beta ever.  Man that was many moons ago but most of the betas I work with now are good.   Ole well I would be curious to hear your Vista stories, experiences, or pains!  See you in 10 days!

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One thought on “Help if I could type the right Vista build number and Vacation bound”

  1. The 60% rewrite thing was completely inaccurate rumor. Microsoft would have to rewrite 32 million lines of code in 6 months for that to happen (which is like writing VS2005 once a month for 6 months) so there is no way it’s possible. Also, even though it’s being launched in January, it is RTMing in October/November.

    Just thought you’d like to know. Have fun on your vacation!


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