Looking for SMTP service in IIS 7 / Longhorn beta 2.

I was looking to install SMTP service and could not find under the “web server” role.   Here are the instructions in the help file.  Hope this helps.

How to Add Features to Your Server
In Windows Server “Longhorn” Beta 2, you can add most available features to your server by using the Add Features Wizard.

Adding Features to Your Server by Using the Add Features Wizard

Adding Features to Your Server by Using the Add Features Wizard
You can add the following features by using the Add Features Wizard.

  • Windows Activation Service (WAS)
  • Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) Server Extensions
  • Desktop Experience
  • Windows Clustering
  • Windows Server Backup
  • Line Print Remote Port Monitor
  • Microsoft Message Queuing (MSMQ) Services
  • Windows Network Load Balancing
  • Remote Access Service (RAS) Client
  • Remote Assistance
  • Remote Procedure Calls over HTTP Proxy
  • Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) Server
  • Storage Manager for Storage Area Networks
  • Simple TCP/IP Services
  • Subsystem for UNIX-based Applications
  • Telnet Client
  • Telnet Server
  • Windows Internal Database
  • Windows Internet Name Service (WINS)
  • Windows System Resource Manager (WSRM)
  • Windows Foundation Components for WinFX
  • Wireless Networking
  • SQL Server 2005 Embedded Edition (Windows)
  • iSNS Server
  • Windows Search Service
  • Indexing Service
  • Bitlocker Drive Encryption

Open the Add Features Wizard in one of the following two ways.

To start the Add Features Wizard
In the Features Summary area of the Server Manager main window, click Add Features.

— or —

In the Customize this server area of the Initial Configuration Tasks window, click Add Features.

The Initial Configuration Tasks window opens by default when a member of the Administrators group logs on to the computer.

Server Manager opens when the Initial Configuration Tasks window is closed. You can also open Server Manager by using shortcuts on the Start menu or in Administrative Tools.

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One thought on “Looking for SMTP service in IIS 7 / Longhorn beta 2.”

  1. You can add the SMTP service as a feature but it looks like the ability to configure the service is not present in Beta 2. I have not seen any official confirmation of this. I am about to test Beta 3 but it looks to be the same way. Installing the IIS 6.0 Management Console role service does not provide a way to configure the SMTP service either.


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