Longhorn / Vista continued…

After 3 days of giving Longhorn (64 bit)  the “college try” as a primary desktop, I ran into some issues with applications (DVD burners) and drivers (sound cards) which made it tough to use as a desktop.   I have a server running Longhorn which is solid.   I am going to try installing Vista on this machine, if it works as well as my laptop it will scream!  The one cool thing I found sound card drivers for my laptop so everything is working with Vista Beta 2.   (Inspiron 6000).

Other misc things I found the SMTP service not being available when installing the “web server” role.   The SMTP service is listed under the ‘features’ section, I am not sure if it is a bug or not but the SMTP virtual directory was not listed in the IIS 6 (inetmgr6) MMC.  I registered the “smtpsnap.dll” (in c:windowssystem32inetsrv folder) and when I reopened IIS 6 manager the SMTP settings was listed.   I really like the “Server manager” tool, this is a nice (and new) tool that allows to install, manage “Roles” and features.  My hats off to Microsoft with Vista and Longhorn, this OS is on the right track.   Enough of just poking around the configuration, it is time to “look under the hood” and start figuring out the stuff that makes the OS tick!  Stay tuned, hopefully I can publish scripts / programs in the near future.  If you have good links or stories about doing advanced items in Vista / Longhorn, feel free to pass them along.  Cheers.

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