IIS7 – post #3

It's been a week since I deployed http://IISLogs.com on IIS7.  It is rock solid so far.  Once accidental reboot and a couple of IISReset's (not really needed) but I thought there was a memory leak.   I've posted a few items on IIS.net and most of the odd things I've seen are known bugs and will be fixed in later releases.  Over the last week I installed the "free version" of Smarterstats. (http://www.smartertools.com).  This product offers a free version, for one domain and it is a great product.  It runs good on IIS7 / Longhorn.  My site is averaging about 500 visitors a day, ok its not http://aspfree.com which averaged 12,000 to 15,000 daily users but the box is pretty much idle.   The only time the CPU was ever pushed when I imported my old IIS log files.   One of these days I'll blog on the perfmon features, they are really useful!

Other than that things are moving along.  I've started to dive into various areas of IIS7 from Tracing to programming with the new interface.  I posted a few links that have great content and are worth it to cover this material.  One utility definitely worth checking out is 'appcmd.exe'.  This is the "swiss-army" knife utility that will be used do pretty much everything from what I can tell.  Of course learning the command line syntax takes some getting used to but http://IIS.net has some great starter articles and examples.   I've been spending time forcing myself to get into the "non-GUI" mode and use the scripts and utilities.  This is always fun but for a lazy person, the temptation of wanting to use the GUI is there.  I just keep reminding myself why I'm doing this!.  Stay tuned. 

Video with Scott Guthrie and Bill Staples.

How to Use Microsoft.Web.Administration

Enabling Failed-Request Tracing

Troubleshooting Failed Requests Using Failed Request Tracing in IIS7

Overview of Command Line Administration – AppCmd.exe

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