Installing Dotnetnuke 4.x on Windows 2003 w/SP1 domain controller – update

I wrote an article how to install Dotnetnuke 4.x on a Windows 2003 SP 1 domain controller.  Here is a "gotcha" I wanted to pass along thanks to Michael J. van Zwieten.   Thanks a bunch for passing this along.  I updated the article.  Here is Michaels comments.


I finally found an article that worked for me…

Specifically this part:

After many hours of looking for the problem I discovered that when you use the configuration editors for 2.x they add an attribute to the configuration element of the web.config file.

( xmlns="" )

I removed the Attribute and ran the website once again and much to my surprise the website compiled and ran all the installation scripts.


Here is the link to my original article.

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