Time to learn Log Parser – book available

I was doing some stuff with Log Parser over the weekend and wondered…Hmm is there a book available for Log Parser?  To my surprise there is one available. http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/1932266526/larkware-20 has it available.  Bernard Cheah IIS MVP and http://www.IIS-Resources.com contributed to the book, so it must be good.  If you are not familiar with Bernard, he has been involved with IIS for years and answers questions all over the place, http://forums.iis.net, Microsoft newsgroups, www.iis-resources.com   I bought my copy and it is on the way!  Looks exciting, there is a sample chapter online at www.logparser.com how to query SNORT logs.  SNORT is an open source IDS (intrusion detection system) program.  www.snort.org is the link. 

I even had a wild idea of integrating log parser into IISLogs (www.iislog.com) I developed and released a couple years back.  Hmm we'll see maybe a future version!  Stay tuned!


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