Search engine tips / tricks.

Every heard the question; How do I get my site to come up in the search engines?  This is a real art-form rather than a silver bullet.  Best thing you can do is have people on other sites link to your site.  It doesn't hurt to submit to,  These are free and usually can help generate some traffic.   Additional items is have a robots.txt located in the root of the folder, as many key words as possible in the meta-tag key words.  I'm not sure how effective using keywords in meta-tag headers, it sure can't hurt. 🙂

None of these techniques will ensure you top position in Google right away unless you are willing to pay for click option.  This can be rather costly and proceeding with caution is recommended.  A few other options is to have some general based text in the Title of his page because that is usually what shows up in a search result.  There are other *free* services that will submit your site to a lot of the search engines but the main ones like Yahoo, Google, MSN, Alta-Vista are good ones to start with.  If you have a few tricks to pass along, let me know.

The Web Robots Pages

Webmaster Help Center

Yahoo Help

How To Use HTML Meta Tags


Steve Schofield
Microsoft MVP – IIS

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  1. Well along with those you also need to have good and reasonable content in your site. That will be the best thing to generate returning users, which is very very important


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