IDS notes

I've been toying around with Snort (IDS) for windows.  Here are some major links.   

'download winpcap

'snort for windows

'Textpad to read snort.conf (notepad doesn't work)

'download rules place in c:snortrules
1) register first
2) download / extract (The Official Snort Ruleset (registered user release)
3) download / extract Community Rules 

'edit snort.conf
change 3 things
#var RULE_PATH ../rules
var RULE_PATH c:Snortrules

# dynamicpreprocessor directory /usr/local/lib/snort_dynamicpreprocessor/
 dynamicpreprocessor directory c:Snortlibsnort_dynamicpreprocessor

# dynamicengine /usr/local/lib/snort_dynamicengine/
 dynamicengine c:Snortlibsnort_dynamicenginesf_engine.dll


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