Vista RTM is loaded!

What a difference between RC1 and RTM vista.   I have a Dell Inspiron 6000 laptop with 1 GB of RAM, Vista 32 bit screams.  The only thing I had to update was the sound card, a trip to download the driver and this took care of the problem.   I see for corporations UAC will be a nice benefit, I personally turned this off.  Loading up a few other applications and my laptop will be ready to roll.  Thanks MS, Vista is nice and solid.  I've already loaded IIS7, .NET 3.0, Unix tools, and thank you for adding the 'telnet client' at the last moment.  As an administrator who does a lot of troubleshooting, telnet is a quick and dirty way to test network connectivity to SMTP, POP3, MS Sql Server, HTTP, FTP etc..  The response time is very good and loading all my apps with no problems.  

It feels a bit overwhelming keeping up on all the new stuff coming out of Redmond but keep up the quality over quantity.    I've had my head buried in IIS7 and Longhorn technologies.  Ole well I'm sure there will be tons of people blogging about Vista experiences, so far things are looking up.   Next on the list is to upgrade my desktop with the 64 bit version.  That should be interesting.  🙂

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