IIS7 – post #28 – 86 days and counting for IIS7

If longhorn RTM runs as well as RC1 has, things are going to be really awesome!  My RC1 (version 5600) Longhorn server has been up for 86 days and counting.  I'll put some stats together to see how many requests http://iislogs.com has served.  Memory usage has stayed at about 80% to 85% memory usage.  Not bad for a desktop pc with 512 MB shared memory.   I wanted to pass this along to let people know how stable IIS7 and Longhorn is.  Exciting things to come! 

'Here is a picture showing the uptime.

3 thoughts on “IIS7 – post #28 – 86 days and counting for IIS7”

  1. Just saw this – thanks for posting 🙂 Like Bill said, LHS beta3 should be a major improvement over the Vista RTM build for both througput, and memory usage, for both IIS and ASP.NET workloads. If you have those numbers for the Vista build, consider keeping them around to compare with the SB3 build when it’s available – that should make for a nice blog post … I’ll be sure to come back and check it out then 🙂




  2. Thanks Mike. I’m looking forward to Beta 3. I’m running Longhorn Server RC1 (version 5600), maybe it is Vista but I can’t believe how stable this build is. Once I have launched my SB3 server, I’ll post up my experiences between the two versions.


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