IIS7 post #32 – Web Application Stress Tool on Vista

I was messing around with Powershell and IIS7 trying to list the executing requests.  Since my local environment isn't very busy, I loaded Web Application Stress Tool.   This tool has no problem generating enough requests.  You'll need to load one DLL called msvcp50.DLL not include with Vista.   The installer looks for this DLL.

I created a Default.asp page that writes the Date / time and hit this with WAST.

<% response.write Now() %> 

Here is the Powershell script

[System.Reflection.Assembly]::LoadFrom( "C:windowssystem32inetsrvMicrosoft.Web.Administration.dll" )
$sm = new-object Microsoft.Web.Administration.ServerManager
$sm.workerprocesses | foreach-object {$_.GetRequests(0)}

Here is the WAST Settings

Here is the output from the powershell script

8 thoughts on “IIS7 post #32 – Web Application Stress Tool on Vista”

  1. Any chance you could provide further details on how to get the web application stress tool running on vista? I’m not quite sure what you mean by “You’ll need to load one DLL called msvcp50.DLL not include with Vista.”

    Any help woul dbe very much appreciated,


  2. Yes, download the web application stress tool and try to install it. You’ll get an error msvcp50.dll is not available. Find the DLL on an older OS or the internet and place in the c:windowssystem32 folder. Then re-run the install. Hope that helps.


  3. I try to run WAST on Windows XP. I get this error message when I try to add a perf counter:
    “Failed to load the perf counters from the computer”.

    What is wrong?
    Please help me!


  4. I think no one know about how to fix it. The latest build done in 1999 so it may be working only with 98 and older.


  5. Thanks !, copying msvcp50.DLL to system32 folder worked for me.

    Although I ran into some error. Later figured its just because of low user previleges. Everything runs fine as Administrator User.

    You might run into following error if you are not administrator user

    When executed a popup error ‘ WebTool has not been correctly installed as NT Service’ . Install now ?’
    would show up.


  6. Hope Chandra comments are correct and going forward with the steps provided in similar types of issues in vista


  7. I’m also unsuccessful trying to add Pref counters in XP. And msvcp50.dll is already in the system32 folder on the XP machine.


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