List files using Tasklist from the command prompt

I've been hanging out in the forums over at  A person was having an issue where a 3rd party product potentially was causing an issue.  You can use Process Explorer from Sysinternals.  If you know which service the DLL is potentially loaded, you can use tasklist /M /FI "Services eq inetinfo".   This shows what files are associated with that process.  I thought I'd pass this along. 

Image Name                     PID Modules
========================= ======== ============================================
inetinfo.exe                   676 ntdll.dll, kernel32.dll, ADVAPI32.dll,
                                   RPCRT4.dll, msvcrt.dll, IISUTIL.dll,
                                   USER32.dll, GDI32.dll, ole32.dll,
                                   CRYPT32.dll, MSASN1.dll, USERENV.dll,
                                   Secur32.dll, WS2_32.dll, NSI.dll,
                                   IMM32.DLL, MSCTF.dll, LPK.DLL, USP10.dll,
                                   rpcref.dll, IisRTL.DLL, iisadmin.dll,
                                   COADMIN.dll, OLEAUT32.dll, PSAPI.DLL,
                                   AUTHZ.dll, ADMWPROX.dll, IISCFG.DLL,
                                   ATL.DLL, abocomp.dll, HTTPAPI.dll,
                                   WSOCK32.dll, nativerd.dll, XmlLite.dll,
                                   IISRES.DLL, NTMARTA.DLL, WLDAP32.dll,
                                   SAMLIB.dll, CLBCatQ.DLL, metadata.dll,
                                   MPR.dll, msxml3.dll, SHLWAPI.dll,
                                   comctl32.dll, rsaenh.dll, SHELL32.dll,
                                   mlang.dll, rsca.dll, svcext.dll, wamreg.dll

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