Searching and tip

Maybe this is something everyone knows but me. 🙂  Thanks to Tom Kaminski IIS MVP and creator, he reminded me of a quick search tip.  Wow!  I wanted to pass this along.  Note, this is not intended to compare to   The results were similar. iis ssl iis debug iis host-header iis ssl iis httpcfg

One thought on “Searching and tip”

  1. Y’know you can take that a step further and use a Live Search Macro (or Google Co-op) such as this one:

    macro:rakkimk.mstechsearch iis ssl

    macro:rakkimk.mstechsearch iis debug

    macro:rakkimk.mstechsearch iis host-header

    macro:rakkimk.mstechsearch iis httpcfg

    Try those in Live Search instead. This macro’s Definition: ( OR OR OR OR OR OR OR OR OR

    Full details on that macro are at:


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