IIS7 – post #33 – 12,902,327 seconds

12 902,327 seconds (149.3 days by my calculator) is how long my Longhorn build 5600 / IIS7 machine was up before it had to be rebooted.  http://iislogs.com is running on this server.  That is not too bad for a beta OS. 🙂  I was working on Remote Management Service testing and turned off the Windows Firewall.  I guess that is what I get for turning off the firewall. 

6 thoughts on “IIS7 – post #33 – 12,902,327 seconds”

  1. ::is how long my Longhorn RC1

    Where you got that from?

    The majority of us people still work with Beta 2. Beta 3 (not even a release candidate) is due soon.

    Where the heck did you geta Longhorn RC1 from? Especially – 150 days ago.


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