TechED 2007 notes

I’m working the IIS booth at TechED.   All I can say is WOW!.  The place where TechED is being hosted is the largest building I’ve ever been in.  The building is Orange County Convention Center. For those not familiar, TechED 2007 is being hosted in Orlando Florida.  These folks definitely know how to put on a first class operation.  TechED itself has been amazing.  There is Labs, Theater, traditional presentations, hands on-labs.   There is SO much to do and witness, we would need an entire year to visit all the cool stuff.  Here is some of my impressions of TechED and big buzz happenings.

Nothing would be fun without a little (ok a lot) of buzz.  For those who are interested in IIS space, as everyone should be, there is a web-edition of Server Core.  What is server core?  It is a command line (trimmed down) OS with no GUI.   This has been well received by many keeping track of Windows Server 2008.

BUT, yes there is something not quite added at this point….ASP.NET.  You may wonder why.  I’m not quite sure.  MS has heard loud, I mean loud and clear .NET should be implemented into Server Core.  I’m sure MS will get it in there eventually.  I’ve told several attendees that come to the IIS booth remember Windows Server 2008 is not an RTM product and still being developed. 

What I respect the most of the IIS team, they are not afraid to post information on this and take questions from the community. Bill Staples has an active blog about this very topic. Here is the link.  Other really cool things is BDD ( Business Desktop Deployment), Powershell, Exchange 2007 are a few things I’m watching.

There are many things in the developer sector, it is overwhelming. I highly recommend anyone start planning on attending TechED 2008.  If you are attending TechED, stop by the IIS7 booth, which I’m working and trying to share my IIS knowledge.  There are several IIS product team members sharing their expertise and knowledge. Two days to go.

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