What is your favorite color of grass?

I’m doing a rare geek survey!  I was out weed-beating my weeds (aka tall grass) and was wondering.  What is your favorite color of grass?  I know some people actually water their grass to make it green and grow.  That in my book creates more work and time away from geeking!  I wonder if IT Pro-types like brown grass and developers like ultra green.  PS: I guess folks who live in desert climates their favorite color is many shades of rock!

My vote is 3 shades of brown is my favorite color. 

What is yours??

Have a good weekend.


6 thoughts on “What is your favorite color of grass?”

  1. Mine is dark green and luscious, give it a lot of water with the domotic system and cut it with a lawnmower robot ( 2 ubergeek things ). This gives u time enough to continue with the “real” work of geeking into the IT stuff ans still having to care about the “house hold server system” 😉


  2. Steve, while I prefer green, mine is currently a mix of green and brown. I water it just enough so that it doesn’t die, but not enough so that I have to mow it too often.


  3. I believe in live and let live. So its a “natural” green. No watering, no chemicals. Mow about once every two weeks and a little weeding. Live in the north east.


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