501 not implemented, IIS 6 and TRACE verb

I was working on an issue and was getting a 501 not implemented error when trying to use the TRACE verb.  Here is a couple good links that discuss this further.

‘Registry entries that can be added.

 ‘Thread on this topic.

Microsoft’s recommendation is not to have this enabled on a production server.
“Do not leave EnableTraceMethod enabled on a production system, as it can reveal back-end server address information to a malicious user.”


IIS7 post #47 – Stats since migrating to IIS 7.0

I was curious the traffic numbers served by IIS 7.0 since I migrated last summer.  Here is the raw totals.  Granted this includes spiders, bots and search engine indexes.  This is pretty cool considering it is running on a desktop with 512 MB of RAM and hooked up to an DSL line.  When I ran build 5600, it was up for 149 days without a reboot, the only reason I rebooted was I messing around with Remote Management.  Since then, I’ve upgraded to Beta3 and have not rebooted.  The current uptime is almost 74 days.  For a beta OS, that is 223 days of uptime with 2 reboots, one to correct a mistake I did and one to rebuild the box.  RTM should be pretty solid.

PS: I ran Beta 2 for awhile before upgrading to build 5600.

This is the stats for www.IISLogs.com between 8/1/06 and 7/21/07
Page Views
– 245,624
Raw Visits – 164,809
Total Hits – 709,575
Total Bandwidth – 9,880,017

Numbers of downloads.
2,910 (841 was IISLogsLite 2.0)

Happy IIS 7.0!


IIS7 post #46 – Customize your Windows Server 2008 – Server Core installation

I was tinkering with the June CTP of Server Core, which has the IIS role.  I wanted a server that just served Images and logged the request.  I need three modules (global and regular) modules.  Anonymous Authentication, StaticFileModule and HttpLogging.  Here is the syntax I used to customize my server.  You probably would want StaticCompressionModule, it can help save some bandwidth, but for my exercise, I wanted the least amount of modules. This is one example of how you can customize your IIS 7.0 install and have a specific type of IIS 7.0 server. 

Article on Server Core

This installs the default server role
start /w pkgmgr /iu:IIS-WebServerRole;WAS-WindowsActivationService;WAS-ProcessModel

This removes unnecessary modules
AppCMD Uninstall Module “HttpCacheModule”
AppCMD Uninstall Module “StaticCompressionModule”
AppCMD Uninstall Module “DefaultDocumentModule”
AppCMD Uninstall Module “DirectoryListingModule”
AppCMD Uninstall Module “ProtocolSupportModule”
AppCMD Uninstall Module “CustomErrorModule”
AppCMD Uninstall Module “RequestFilteringModule”
AppCMD Uninstall Module “UriCacheModule”
AppCMD Uninstall Module “FileCacheModule”
AppCMD Uninstall Module “TokenCacheModule”
AppCMD Uninstall Module “RequestMonitorModule”

Open applicationHost.config (c:windowssystem32inetsrvconfigapplicationHost.config) and look at the <Global Modules> and <Modules> section.

Take care,

Steve Schofield
Microsoft MVP – IIS

IIS7 post #45 – Interview with MS.com guys on IIS7 integration

This is a MUST watch video done by Eric Woersching.   I always enjoy the MSCOM operation guys when they present information about their environment! Thanks Eric for making this available.