IIS7 post #47 – Stats since migrating to IIS 7.0

I was curious the traffic numbers served by IIS 7.0 since I migrated last summer.  Here is the raw totals.  Granted this includes spiders, bots and search engine indexes.  This is pretty cool considering it is running on a desktop with 512 MB of RAM and hooked up to an DSL line.  When I ran build 5600, it was up for 149 days without a reboot, the only reason I rebooted was I messing around with Remote Management.  Since then, I’ve upgraded to Beta3 and have not rebooted.  The current uptime is almost 74 days.  For a beta OS, that is 223 days of uptime with 2 reboots, one to correct a mistake I did and one to rebuild the box.  RTM should be pretty solid.

PS: I ran Beta 2 for awhile before upgrading to build 5600.

This is the stats for www.IISLogs.com between 8/1/06 and 7/21/07
Page Views
– 245,624
Raw Visits – 164,809
Total Hits – 709,575
Total Bandwidth – 9,880,017

Numbers of downloads.
2,910 (841 was IISLogsLite 2.0)

Happy IIS 7.0!


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