Nessus install notes on FreeBSD

Misc Notes.

To bring up the text based installer

Type SysInstall 

I’m posting this as a reference to get nessus 2.2.10 installed.
 pre-req’s are
 bison glib-1.2.8.tar.gz gtk+-1.2.9.tar.gz
 then download nessus from run
 sh takes about 30 minutes on 450 mhz.
 Congratulations ! Nessus is now installed on this host
 . Create a nessusd certificate using /usr/local/sbin/nessus-mkcert
 . Add a nessusd user use /usr/local/sbin/nessus-adduser
 . Start the Nessus daemon (nessusd) use /usr/local/sbin/nessusd -D
 . Start the Nessus client (nessus) use /usr/local/bin/nessus
 . To uninstall Nessus, use /usr/local/sbin/uninstall-nessus
 . A step by step demo of Nessus is available at :

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