Zune 80 GB toy!

Every geek should treat themselves to one gift for Christmas.  I’ve been living in the dark ages, no IPOD, no MP3 player (PS: My wife and kids have them).  My son got an Zune 8 GB for Christmas, I downloaded some songs and videos and was hooked.  For $50 dollars more, I got my own 80 GB.  http://www.zune.net/en-US/products/zune80gb/default.htm 

There is SO much information available I’ve wanted to watch.  God willing, my goal is to get my MSCE this year.  I plan on using to download webcasts, podcasts to help study.  You can take this thing to workout, in the car, or that favorite “in-laws” house. 🙂  I read some reviews, I’m not sure why people have had an issue, using a Zune is straight forward.  The Zune app isn’t as intuitive as ITUNES, but it’s good enough.  My biggest challenge is organzing all the cool stuff to watch or listen!

WebCasts and podcasts

Addtional podcasts

I’m still a newb, but my new favorite site besides www.IIS.net is http://edge.technet.com.   If you are an IT Pro, this site is worth bookmarking.  If you have a story, pass it along.

Cheers and Happy New Year!


One thought on “Zune 80 GB toy!”

  1. Enjoy! I had bought my son an iPOD Nano when they first came out and immediately bought myself one. His got broken, so he took mine.

    When the Zune came out, I bought one…which he proceeded to take all the time. So I bought him his own. He ended up getting his girlfriend one as well. Works out well since the Zune Pass subscription allows three Zunes.


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