IIS7 – post #65 – IIS Manager extensibility experiences

I’m attempting to write a plugin for the product I developed to handle IIS and related log files.  http://www.iislogs.com   Right now, the way you manage IISLogs is using a Winforms application or updating the config file directly.   Microsoft has made it so you can extend IIS Manager.  The winforms tool that you use to manage IIS 7.0.  While I’m still in the research phase, I wanted to pass along a couple links and one bit of advice.  I must say, once I get all the moving pieces down, this should be pretty neat.  I have no timeline for when the tool will be done, but I’m betting it’ll be an adventure.  Stay tuned.

Here are a couple articles on IIS 7 extensibility

One tip to pass along from Thomas Deml


When adding your declaration in %windir%system32inetsrvconfigadministration.config.  Make sure to format it like 
“type=”<namespace>.<classname>,<assemblyname> …”

Here is an example
<add name=”imageCopyrightUI” type=”IIS7Demos.imageCopyrightUIProvider, IIS7Demos, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=3fd9bd5e992ee757″/>

The namespace and file name would be IIS7Demos.  The class name would be imageCopyrightUIProvider

For those looking for further assistance about IIS 7.0 extensibility, check out the forum at


Steve Schofield
Microsoft MVP – IIS

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