My Hyper-V experiences

Hyper-V is probably one of the more exciting technologies to come out of Redmond, on the IT Pro side. I don’t keep up on all betas like I used to, but Hyper-V has caught my attention.  I reloaded my home pc with Windows Server 2008 x64.  Here is my pc type, Gateway GT5032 (, which has 4 GB of RAM and a x64 processor.  But when I went to install Hyper-V, I got an error listed below. 

Test Results from Microsoft Hyper-V compatibility check for systems with AMD processors
This system is not compatible with Hyper-V.
This utility detected that a necessary BIOS patch is not installed.
Please contact your system vendor to determine whether a BIOS upgrade is available.
If so, upgrade your BIOS and re-run the utility.
If not, consider upgrading to a new AMD64 system to get the latest in virtualization capabilities, performace, and power efficiency.
AMD’s most current processors do not require a BIOS patch to run Hyper-V.

‘Link to check AMD,,30_182_871_9033,00.html

‘AMD utility

‘Blog posting on Hyper-V

‘3rd party tool to detect all three things

‘Hardware detection tool

Before you start purchasing or reloading your equipment,  take 5 minutes and verify your hardware.  I’m still on pursuit if I can find a magic firmware upgrade for my equipment, but at least upgrading to w2k8 on my desktop finally retired Vista, which is another story. 🙂

Hope this helps.


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