IIS7 – post #67 – New command line reference site http://appcmd.com

I’m not sure if humans are supposed to remember command line syntax.  For me, the most frustrating part is remembering the syntax of a certain command line option.  To help me remember these for future use, and hopefully share with the community.  I created http://appcmd.com .  Currently there is 20 or so examples I’ve created, used, wrote about that are posted.  If you have one or more, feel free to send to me the syntax at steve AT iislogs.com.  I’ll give full credit for the posting.

The goal is to have the largest collection soon.  Plus this will help me share my tips and learn at the same time.

2 thoughts on “IIS7 – post #67 – New command line reference site http://appcmd.com”

  1. Steve,

    This is great! People ask me for commands to do various things all the time, so I look forward to seeing most of them show up on this web site so I can point them there 🙂




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