GraffitiCMS review

When I started, I wanted a content management system that allowed me to get up and going quickly.  GraffitiCMS allowed me to do that.  In one evening, I have over 30 posts in my new site +

  • Search enabled automatically

  • RSS feed capability

  • Customizeable navigation

  • Easy to create categories.

  • Quick integration to SQL Server express

  • Fast interface to update / add entries. is running on Windows Server 2008 web edition, IIS 7.0 and SQL Express + using the Integrated Pipeline, one of my personal favorite IIS 7 features.  There is a web.config setting called DataBuddy that makes it a snap to change which database you are using. 

Here are the settings:

<!– Which connection string should Graffiti use. –>
<add key=”DataBuddy::ConnectionString” value=”Graffiti”/>

<!– Which type of Database are you using. Valid Values: MSAccessProvider, VistaDBProvider, MySQLDataProvider, SQLDataProvider, SQL2K5DataProvider –>
<add key=”DataBuddy::Provider” value=”DataBuddy.SQL2K5DataProvider, DataBuddy”/>

I found one gotcha from a configuration standpoint.  I run all my application pools with a custom user vs. Network Service.  I kept getting an error that appears if it’s a .NET trust issue.  This issue remains the only gotcha I haven’t found an answer for.  GraffitiCMS has some active forums that I posted a question how to resolve this. 

One other tip I found when you want to display a IMAGE in your left navigation, it took a little tinkering to get the right syntax.  Here is how I did it.

  • Sign into Graffiti-admin

  • Go to Presentation

  • Select List of links in Available Widgets

  • Click Edit

  • Add Title 

  • Add link syntax: Note the syntax is separated by a PIPE “|” symbol
    <img src=”” border=”0″ />|

  • Drag over to the Left Sidebar

Overall, if you need to quick CMS system, GraffitiCMS is worth checking out.  I’ve not used DotnetNuke, PHPNuke, PostNuke in a while, but for a ASP.NET based solution, it’s met my needs.

GraffitiCMS is provided by Telligent, makers of CommunityServer


Steve Schofield
Microsoft MVP – IIS

6 thoughts on “GraffitiCMS review”

  1. It’s good to hear your review of the CMS. I’ve been trying to figure it out all morning. Have you tried anything “complicated” with it yet? I’m attempting to learn how to integrate some custom forms and data and haven’t had much luck yet.


  2. Honestly I still got mixed feelings about it. First I was really impressed on how URL Rewriting works out of the box – extensionless – on IIS6. Then I saw that they create the folders physically which I don’t like that much as it seems like it depends on them.

    I also got a Graffiti license but I’m not using it live yet. (Bought it as they had the special startup promo for 99,-). Now I think the not-promo price is too high and that’s why I wouldn’t recommend it at the moment.

    Thanks for the Review!


  3. Hi Brian,

    I hope my reviewed helped some. I was looking for something pretty simple for I don’t plan on having any custom forms, or other extensibility where external data comes into play.

    Graffiti allows for custom categories, additional users, RSS feeds, plus a few other widgets by default. I don’t see a huge community effort yet, but this is a fairly new product. I’d encourage to post in the forums with any questions, problems or suggestions. I know some of the Telligent folks and they are interested in hearing feedback.

    Good Luck,



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