Powershell 2.0

I”ve tried really hard to get excited about Powershell 1.0, it just hasn’t stuck.  Am I the only one?!  🙂   However, (yes there is a however).  The great thing about software, there is a 2.0 release sooner or later.  I’ve made the committment to learn Powershell 2.0.  I’ve been writing console app’s for years, with VB 2008 express, I get a editor with full debugger support, granted it’s compiled code vs. Powershell’s PS scripts.  The syntax isn’t much different between console apps and PS, it’s the debugging.  So, give me a Powershell GUI debugger and I’ll forget visual studio express exists.   Anyone know of one with debugger support?

Here is my “hello world” example of calling a function inside a powershell script.  Thanks to the Scripting guys with having some good examples.  The Powershell CTP GUI is a step in the right direction.  I’m getting used to Powershell. 

function MyFunction 
    $b = ” Schofield”
    $args[0].ToLower() + $b.tolower()

$a = “Steve”
myFunction $a


http://www.thepowershellguy.com has some great examples on Powershell.  Some of it is over my head at this point, but it’s a great resource.  Check it out.

Couple of additional links.
http://www.powershell.com/plus/videos.html (both videos)

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