migration from gmail

I recently switched how I read my listserv email to a mail account. is coming along in their features.  Google rules the world and I’ve yet to see many positive posts on (none actually).  I wanted to share my experience.  I have several email accounts route to a central account.  I use a central account to read and archive Listserv messages.  I was using Google’s gmail and for the most part, it was ok.  I missed the ability to separate messages into folders outside my inbox.  I dread a cluttered inbox, from what I can tell, the Gmail offers labels and archiving features isn’t quite what I was looking for.  I like to separate messages into individual folders. has the look and feel of Outlook, which allows me to create separate folders.  Then I can have mail messages go directly to specific folders.  I can casually browse specific folders when I want.  So far, the SPAM has been nearly perfect, I’ve had no issues with much SPAM getting into my inbox. 

The real kicker for me was how Gmail’s lack of support to read posts from  I answer a fair amount of questions, when someone responses, I’m notified.  When I browse with Gmail’s reader, the response is blank. I had to browse to the site to review the response.  When I read with, replies shows up directly in the message.  I never got used to Gmail’s feature where messages are consolidated into a single message.  Maybe it’s just me, but I’d rather not have that. 

My account does display ads, but I have no issues ignoring them.  In addition, a free account gets 5 GB of space.  So I have no worries of running out of space.   I still use Google for searching, I’ve not totally taken the plunge to migrate all my stuff.  I’m a Microsoft platform person, so maybe my entire view is slanted.  I wanted to share my experience and maybe get others feedback.  I’m sure I will.  🙂

Happy emailing!


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