MOSS Command line resources

I’ve been doing a lot of MOSS installs lately.  I’ve become quite familar with stsadm.  Here are some other ‘command-line’ resources for MOSS.

PowerShell Pack for SharePoint

Gary LaPoint’s stsadm extension (a MUST need)

Codeplex powershell for Sharepoint

Sharepoint Deploy

SharePoint: Config XML and PSConfig



Between these and psconfig, stsadm  There is a lot of command line tools.  I’ve personally not used the Powershell packs, but now I know about them, I’ll be trying them out. 

Happying MOSS,


2 thoughts on “MOSS Command line resources”

  1. Powershell seems really cool to me. It is a learn once, use many times tool and I’m hoping that more and more applications will be supporting it. At the company I’m working for we’re also developing a Powershell interface for our ECMS software (SenseNet 6.0) – mainly to make administration easier for administrators familiar with this tool.

    Not sure what the difference between the PowerShell Pack and Codepley Powershell could be, I’ll have to check.


  2. I’m still learning which ones apply. The package from Gary LaPoint is as useful as the internal stsadm commands. I do like the examples shown, which help me get more familar with powershell syntax. I’ve written scripts for years, but learning powershell ‘coding’ / scripting is something I’m not strong yet. I can do small scripts in PS, but the larger ones I’m still learning. Having examples helps! Especially automating MOSS stuff.


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