Day of .NET summary

Attending a local event such as Code Camp, Day of .NET or something similar can be a great way to keep up-to-date on technologies you don’t work with everyday.   These events are usually one day, free of charge and contain a lot of great information.  I attended our local version put on by Chris Woodruff.  I attended the Sharepoint session put on by Rick Kierner   My current role has me doing a lot of Sharepoint / WSS, among other technologies.  Mostly what I’m doing is infrastructure and administration, attending the Day of .NET event introduced me to the developer side.  Here are some links mentioned.

Rick Kierner


40 templates available from MS.


WSP Builder on codeplex


Looking for a place to start (Download the VPC)


Sharepoint dev wiki


Sharepoint logs


I was glad to see Sharepoint has rich logging capabilites, IISLogs (component I wrote) can handle and process logs to keep things under control.   Sharepoint has the ability to automatically clean up logs (which is great!).  However, if you want to keep a few weeks around and zip them up, IISLogs can do the trick.   IISLogsLite 2.0 can handle .log files.


Thanks again Chris, Bill Miller and speakers for putting on a great event.




Steve Schofield

Microsoft MVP – IIS

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