Chapter 2 from Microsoft Visual C# 2008:Data Types aka Types

Been a couple weeks regarding my adventure in C# class.  This was my first formal venture into data types,  Intrinsic, Integral and other categories.  I learned decimal was more precise than Double.  All programming I’ve done basically uses Long, Double, Integer, String, and Boolean.    Also, when declaring float, decimal as a variable, I need to add a ‘thing’ at the end. 

float MyVariable = 4.87F;  Is one example.   That seems a tad quirky!  I know I know, my background is VB/VBScript/VB.NET.  No language is perfect, just kidding to the purists.  đź™‚  Here is a link to the data types.

And yes I’m doing math again.  The class has many story problems which many are story problems.  Do you guys remember doing story problems in Math class.  Not sure I did very well.  Remember this rule?  P.E.M.D.A.S (  I also hadn’t messed with Compare(), CompareTo() methods and StartsWith().  These are handy functions.   We covered CONSTANTS, and taking input on Console Applications READLINE().   It was a pretty short and straight forward chapter.  I picked up a few things.  Anywho!  Happy C# programming.

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