First section Truck Frame including 13 devotionals complete

Iím excited to finish up section 1 of 4, this includes the first 13 stories / poems.  There was one story called SHARP.  It was relating to the online comments I see that people post.  There is very little compassion and at the first chance, people are criticizing other posters and the author.  Anywho, when I tried to incorporate the story as one of the 13, it just wouldnít come together, so I removed it!  I was getting a prompt, remove it, the words are just not coming together, wonít you listen!  (aka I believe the Holy Spirit telling me to listen).  Sometimes it takes a few tries of beating my head against the wall (as they say) before I learn my lesson. 

One of the themes of the book there are 4 sections (13 devotionals).  In between, Iím trying to articulate something about building a Truck related to the story.  I donít get a sense how to document into words what should go there.  Guess off to ask for assistance (prayer) on that section, everything else on this book is God Inspired, might as well ask for this, not sure I have so far. Smile 

God Bless,


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