Section 3 finished up

This weekend my hope is to get the 3rd and 4th section initial review done, before handing over to reviewers.   The last story in this section is by far in a way the most inspirational, heavenly feeling Iíve had.  The third section had some of the first stories I wrote and where inspiring to re-read them.  I hope to hear from the reviewers soon and get moved on to the next step, the publishing!  Iíve been praying for guidance on how to publish this book, I know the doors will be opened when they need to be, this entire project has been like that. 

This last week lots of Tebow news has been played on ESPN.  Like anything, the media has a tendency to over analyze something, although the Tebow stuff is all media driven, and nothing from Tim himself.  I heard a comment on the radio itís cool to be a Christian now!  Smile  Keep Tebowing!

God Bless,


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