Continuing to edit!

Christmas 2011 is just around the corner, 7 days to go, time to start shopping.  How about you, are you done?  The editing process continues.  Iíve made it through the Introduction and 4 sections with my initial proofread, authoring.  I started to create the table of contents and amazes me the variety of topics covered, I also took an inventory and of this blog post, there are 9 extra stories I could include.  Iím not sure what to do with them, I might include a couple three in the last section of the book, think of it as the trailer, every truck has to haul something, or something the truck bed.  Weíll see.  In the Word document, there are 123 pages.  Iíll be curious when the person who does the final edit / review what their thoughts are.  Iím sure theyíll really give it the work over, which is good.  Iím going to continue to tinker with it, proofread and pray for an editor / publisher or how that this thing will get published to the world! 

Oh on a side note, Tim Tebowís team lost after winning 6 in a row.  His team had 3 or 4 fumbles, penalties at the wrong time.  The New England Patriots played very well and deserved to win.  My Lions (yes a Lions fan) won on a last 2 minute drive!  For those who have no interest in American football, this probably doesnít make any sense.

Until later


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