So it begin. 52 pickup book project is on its way

The website isnít even done yet and the first blog post is there.  Welcome to my first post regarding the journey of writing a book.  Itís not a typical book people would expect although the words are, well ďGod InspiredĒ.  The book is called 52 pickup.   Weíll discuss later how the book got itís name, well itís in the book. Smile  Over the years Iíve been writing stories here and there on a wide range of topics. Iíve been inspired to take these writings, bundle them up and share.  They are pretty good IMO and worth reading.

A few details, the book has an introduction, 4 sections of devotionals (13 in each section) and probably a conclusion (not sure yet).  Iíve been blessed to have a few people come along side me to help provide reviews, input and comments.  One of which is a formal English person hopefully!  Stay tuned, the introduction hopefully will be done in the next week or so.  My goal is to get perspective from a range of people to ensure the stories make sense from their angle.  

On a side note, this is the first time Iíve blogged on non-technical things, so itíll be quite different.  My normal ďMOĒ has been technical (aka geeky) things.  Feels kind of refreshing sharing with the WWW.

God Bless,


MAC Links

Yes, you are right, these are Mac as in Apple Mac on a Microsoft and IIS blog.  I was given a eMac running 10.3.9, I have NO idea if that is old.  The box is a single processor, 256 MB of RAM.  After a couple days of hacking around, and some assistance from Mac Forums IRC channel, they helped me add an admin user account.  I know nothing about Macs besides my iPhone, does that count?  I know more about FreeBSD and the internals than a Mac.  Here are some links that helped.  Now I want to figure out how to remote control this thing from my laptop (yes it‚Äôs currently windows).  I‚Äôm primarily a server guy so I remote all the time!  Stay tuned..