IIS Community Newsletter July 2012 edition published

The IIS community newsletter for July 2012 has been published.  It’s been a few months (6 or 7) since the last edition was published.  Thanks to an old friend, he is helping with the newsletter. 



Steve Schofield
Microsoft MVP – IIS

My name is Steve and I am not a fan

Here is my “not a fan” story.  For those who are looking for a challenging book, read Not a Fan by Kyle Idleman. (www.notafan.com).  I started an event to help pickup trash the week before our local festival.  Definitely put me out of my comfort zone.  Here is the story behind why I did this project.

“I read a book called Not–A–Fan by Kyle Idleman.   The book covers two types of people who follow Jesus (fans and followers).  I came away with the feeling I wanted to be a follower, “be” out of my “comfort zone on purpose”.  On July 5th, I turned out of my road to go to work and there was trash blown on the street.  I initially drove by the trash trying to ignore it.  By the time I was about 2 or 3 blocks away, the little small still voice in my head said, you should go back and pickup that trash, so I did. 

As I was driving to work, the small still voice laid on my heart this project.  Coordinate an event to pick-up trash in Greenville (aka Clean-up Greenville) before Danish Festival 2012.  I sat on the idea for two days, ask my wife if she’d help, she agreed to go pick-up.  Then, I’m not quite what happened next, I started to put a plan together.  I stopped by a friends house on Sunday, he works for the city.  They would know who to contact at the Danish Festival, City of Greenville.  He put me in contact with everyone I needed.  The funny thing when I was talking to him, his wife was laughing, she stated “tell Steve what has been bugging you”.  The day before and morning of the day I stopped by their house, he was running on the bike trail and noticed a lot of trash, he picked up trash and it bugged him.  I came by Sunday afternoon to purpose this idea.  I know God was smiling to put this together.  I worked out the details, posted on line and starting visiting various local churches to get their assistance in making this happen.  My goal was to bring the various denominations, churches together to make things happen in God’s name. Many doors are opening and things are happening!. 

This book also inspired me a new journey called “40 days of doing uncomfortable things on-purpose’ . Who knows where that’ll lead me, with God on my side I’m sure it’ll be awesome!  My name is Steve Schofield and I’m not a fan!”

Thanks Kyle for doing your book!

Steve Schofield

Journey continues with Uncomfortable on-purpose for 40 days

In the effort to continue to document observations and examples of uncomfortable on-purpose, here are more examples over the last few days.

  • Purpose a good idea (clean-up Greenville), people like the idea and I have to ask “when you doing it?” That seems to get them uncomfortable since they have to commit
  • Trying to have an in-depth conversation via a text based communication channel (email in this case), caused all kinds of misunderstandings and frustrations
  • Cold calling several individuals to ask them to commit
  • Teaching a very structured topic that was in-depth on short notice and lack of real preparation
  • Not fully understanding a topic details and feeling the uncomfortable feeling of going through examples I didn’t understand. This caused anxiety, the thoughts of quitting, or giving up.
  • Continuing to have to bug people to get commitments to handle the God thing
  • Be fired up for Jesus yet others don’t seem to understand the intense passion I wanted to serve.  It’s not everyday someone is fully charged and seems to run into people who aren’t used to such “all out attitude”. 
  • Questioning authority figures with doubts on specific topics along with asking for clarification and follow-up
  • Having God prompt you your actions are probably being used to teach or help clarify others
  • Ask local media for assistance to promote.
  • Fully share faith with non-believers and co-workers not sure if they are believers or not.  Need to get over this one!
  • Ask people to follow more structured processes even though you want to help
  • Almost feel I’m not as customer focused when I tell people I can’t help them right away.

Over and Out


Cleanup Greenville before Danish Festival information

Facebook Group Link (Open group to chat)

Event Name:
Cleanup Greenville before Danish Festival (which happens on 8/17-19)

Who to contact for more information?
Steve Schofield (steve@schofield.ws) – 616-754-3224

Who is this open to? 
Opportunities for small groups at different times that is convenient for them, please plan between Wednesday (8/8) to Wednesday (8/15) (excluding Sunday) to perform work at a location listed below..  We recommend closer to Danish the better.

What do I bring?  
Asking people to bring one trash bag, although supplies can be made available, including gloves, just contact Steve Schofield (steve@schofield.ws)

Where do I push trash bags?
Trash bins at the Community Center (Thanks to the City or take back to your location)

What Date do I need to commit by to a location by?
Plan to turn the schedule to the City around Thursday (8/2),  Friday (8/3) or Monday (8/6)

Here is the places we are targeting (First 17 are from City)

1)    Taken   Bike Trail – Starting at Walnut by ball fields going to M-57 by Old Mill, including under Bridge and Jackson’s landing
2)    Taken   Bike Trail – Starting at Jackson’s Landing going to Fairplains
3)    Taken   Bike Trail – Starting at Fairplains to M-91 by Greenville Tool and Die (GTD) (Taken)
4)    Taken   Bike Trail – Starting at M-91 by GTD going to Baldwin, by Tower Hill (Taken)
5)    Taken   Bike Trail – Starting at Baldwin Lake Beach (including beach) and going to Meijer, including the tunnel
6)    Taken   Bike Trail – Starting at East M-91 (by Wittenbach’s, by Water works, along the river and joins the Walnut path, stop at the road)
7)    Taken   Bike Trail – Starting at Bridge on main street going West, by Museum, excluding Tower Riverside Park, going West where trail comes out on Hillcrest
8)    Community Event (Show-up at Monday 8/13 at 6:00 PM, meeting at M-57, parking at Clay and walking to Montcalm)   One block East of main street behind downtown businesses, From M-57 to Montcalm
9)    Taken   One block West of main street behind downtown businesses, From M-57 to Montcalm
10)  Taken   Tower Riverside Park/Hans Christian Anderson Park
11)  Taken   Veterans Park
12)   Taken   Baldwin Lake Beach (Can be included in doing bike trail)
13)   Taken  Danish Kingdom
14)   Taken  Jacksons Landing (Can be included in doing bike trail)
15)   Taken  Flat River Museum parking lot
16)   Taken  Baldwin Heights School
17)   Taken  Truck Route starting at M-91 (starting at bike trail) to Burger King westside
18)   Taken   Starting at corner of M-57/M-91 South to State Street, sidewalks, edge of street gutters
19)   Taken  Starting at corner of M-57/M-91 West to Meijer
20)   Taken   Starting at corner of M-57/M-91 East to Jackson’s Landing
21)   Taken  Kmart Parking Lot
22)   Taken  Starting at Armory on Hillcrest to Chase back to truck route (East Side of truck route side walk) to M-57 East back to Armory (parking lot, sidewalks)
23)   Taken  Around Baldwin Lake (beach optional but would like it)
24)   Taken  Old Meijer property
25)   Taken   Starting at M-91 / Van Deinse corner going East, sidewalks to walnut
26)   Taken    Parade Route – Hillcrest
27)   Taken   Parade Route – Cass
28)   Taken    Parade Route Clay (M-57 to Montcalm)
29)   Taken    Parade Route Montcalm starting at M-91 going west to High School (sidewalks and any clutter on side of street)
30)   Taken   Old fair grounds

Any questions, feel free to contact Steve via email, phone or Facebook me a message.

God Bless,

40 Days of Uncomfortable 'on purpose' update

It’s been a few days since the last report.  Here are a few other ideas of doing things out of a comfort zone ‘on purpose’. 

  • Start a project to engage others to pick-up ‘stuff’ before a big celebration
  • Talk to people who you look up to and admire for direction
  • Go to an event for training while it’s real hot outside
  • Learn a new move and attend an event that was very physically demanding, give everything you got.
  • Challenge someone to assist in a project even though they ‘might’ not want to participate
  • Spending time outside in real hot weather supporting family members
  • Going to a place where you ‘have to’ while there is a lot of people, and you ‘have to’ wait or else.
  • Listening to others for feedback on an idea you had and adjusting  your original thought pattern while not being sure if that is what you were supposed to do
  • Working on a problem you have to and sticking it out only to realize a 30 second prayer asking for direction was what helped resolve the issue. Not doing it yourself
  • Stop by someone’s house on a Sunday to discuss an idea, not sure if I should stop only to realize they were bugged by the same issue the same day.
  • Discuss a topic that is the right thing but could make this person feel uncomfortable

It’s been a few days and I wanted to catalog some examples I’ve experienced as well as others reported.  It’s been a fun ride and when God gives you “conviction” to accomplish something in his name, the energy, focus and opportunities seem to appear.  Stay tuned.  Good things are ‘a happen’ 

Happy out of your comfort zone on purpose


Orchestrator beginnings

I created a Runbook sample today that would run every 5 minutes, execute program (IISLogsEXE 4.0) and write status to the event log.   This three step Runbook won’t break any records in complexity, but is functional.   I have many tasks that are “low hanging fruit”.  These simple Runbooks will save time and administration.  It’s been fun over the last couple of years to deep dive into learning System Center Configuration Manager (previously worked with SMS 2003).  Orchestrator is another one of those tools that MS has in their enterprise tool chest.  As much as MS stumbles in the consumer market with one seemly fumble after another, in the enterprise space enhancing tools like Orchestrator is awesome. 

My brief blog is to get me back sharing information on what I learned this go around.  In my testing the “Tester” was useful in proving my Runbook worked.  It amazes me today there is a lot of information available when picking up a technology.  This speeds the process of learning the basics in a technology.  Compared to IIS, ASP.NET communities I’ve been in for the last 10+ years, something like Orchestrator has humble beginnings with a rising community with a lot of help and more importantly, examples!  Here is what I found and wanted to pass along to those newbies picking up Orchestrator. 

Run by Ryan Andorfer (he is guru with Orchestrator, definitely read anything by Ryan and a he is a good guy too, met him at MMS 2012)

Developer resource to retrieve data from C# or Powershell

General reference to various Activities with SCOrch

Another good resource by Charles Joy (these have good examples I refer to for howto’s)

My motto for now is thing simple and functional. Solve everyday problems and the more complex will quickly happen using SCOrch.

Steve Schofield
Microsoft MVP – IIS

More uncomfortable on-purpose reports

This is a misc. update on a few doing something uncomfortable ideas to pass along.  Things are progressing.   I’ve even had 3 people to day ask me what this is about. Smile 

1) Driving down the road, see garbage in the street, stop and pickup the misc. trash so it doesn’t clutter

2) Drive home with A/C off and windows down when it’s 100 degrees

3) Share a book regarding faith with a friend

4) Pray for people you might not pray for.

5) Inquire about helping at places where your talents can help the under resourced.

6) Report something to a boss or supervisor

7) Going and visit someone when it’s real hot.  I didn’t do so good at this one, I got dehydrated and wasn’t too pleasant to be around..

8) Going for a ride even when you didn’t want to just for someone else.

It has been a surprise thinking of simple ways we can get out of our comfort zone “on purpose” and help others.  I wanted to make this more biblical theme and shrunk to 40 days.  Even if it’s only one thing you do out of the ordinary which would make you feel uncomfortable.  It has to be for the right reasons of course, but make a few notes along the way of methods you’ve been thinking about, contemplating doing something out of your comfort area (sharing your faith, praying, joining or starting a cause to help others in your community).  

It’s been record temps here so doing stuff outside counts for doing something uncomfortable has been easy!

Happy being out of your comfort zone “on-purpose”


Beginnings of System Center 2012 orchestrator

I’ve been lucky enough to start messing around with System Center 2012 Orchestrator (previously known as Opalis).   One of my roles these days in IT is automation, automation, automation.  Orchestrator main role is to automate those tasks identified as ‘routine’.  It literally took me all of 10 minutes to download from Technet, install on my DEV system and get going.   Microsoft couldn’t have made it any easier, or should I say the people from Opalis and MS tweaked for 2012.

This is a short blog, I have a few low hanging fruit tasks I’m targeting first.  Here are a few links I wanted to pass along in my journey.   Hopefully as I’ve done with other technologies, pass any tips along! 

Orchestrator IP (integration packs) on Codeplex (The examples are really cool)


Discussion forums


I’m real new to the System Center community.  I attending MMS 2012 and went to everything Orchestrator

Few of the people to keep an eye our for is


PS – My favorite name is SCOrch.  If you perform it manual, SCOrch it! 

Happy Scorching!

Steve Schofield