More uncomfortable on-purpose reports

This is a misc. update on a few doing something uncomfortable ideas to pass along.  Things are progressing.   I’ve even had 3 people to day ask me what this is about. Smile 

1) Driving down the road, see garbage in the street, stop and pickup the misc. trash so it doesn’t clutter

2) Drive home with A/C off and windows down when it’s 100 degrees

3) Share a book regarding faith with a friend

4) Pray for people you might not pray for.

5) Inquire about helping at places where your talents can help the under resourced.

6) Report something to a boss or supervisor

7) Going and visit someone when it’s real hot.  I didn’t do so good at this one, I got dehydrated and wasn’t too pleasant to be around..

8) Going for a ride even when you didn’t want to just for someone else.

It has been a surprise thinking of simple ways we can get out of our comfort zone “on purpose” and help others.  I wanted to make this more biblical theme and shrunk to 40 days.  Even if it’s only one thing you do out of the ordinary which would make you feel uncomfortable.  It has to be for the right reasons of course, but make a few notes along the way of methods you’ve been thinking about, contemplating doing something out of your comfort area (sharing your faith, praying, joining or starting a cause to help others in your community).  

It’s been record temps here so doing stuff outside counts for doing something uncomfortable has been easy!

Happy being out of your comfort zone “on-purpose”


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