40 Days of Uncomfortable 'on purpose' update

It’s been a few days since the last report.  Here are a few other ideas of doing things out of a comfort zone ‘on purpose’. 

  • Start a project to engage others to pick-up ‘stuff’ before a big celebration
  • Talk to people who you look up to and admire for direction
  • Go to an event for training while it’s real hot outside
  • Learn a new move and attend an event that was very physically demanding, give everything you got.
  • Challenge someone to assist in a project even though they ‘might’ not want to participate
  • Spending time outside in real hot weather supporting family members
  • Going to a place where you ‘have to’ while there is a lot of people, and you ‘have to’ wait or else.
  • Listening to others for feedback on an idea you had and adjusting  your original thought pattern while not being sure if that is what you were supposed to do
  • Working on a problem you have to and sticking it out only to realize a 30 second prayer asking for direction was what helped resolve the issue. Not doing it yourself
  • Stop by someone’s house on a Sunday to discuss an idea, not sure if I should stop only to realize they were bugged by the same issue the same day.
  • Discuss a topic that is the right thing but could make this person feel uncomfortable

It’s been a few days and I wanted to catalog some examples I’ve experienced as well as others reported.  It’s been a fun ride and when God gives you “conviction” to accomplish something in his name, the energy, focus and opportunities seem to appear.  Stay tuned.  Good things are ‘a happen’ 

Happy out of your comfort zone on purpose


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