Journey continues with Uncomfortable on-purpose for 40 days

In the effort to continue to document observations and examples of uncomfortable on-purpose, here are more examples over the last few days.

  • Purpose a good idea (clean-up Greenville), people like the idea and I have to ask “when you doing it?” That seems to get them uncomfortable since they have to commit
  • Trying to have an in-depth conversation via a text based communication channel (email in this case), caused all kinds of misunderstandings and frustrations
  • Cold calling several individuals to ask them to commit
  • Teaching a very structured topic that was in-depth on short notice and lack of real preparation
  • Not fully understanding a topic details and feeling the uncomfortable feeling of going through examples I didn’t understand. This caused anxiety, the thoughts of quitting, or giving up.
  • Continuing to have to bug people to get commitments to handle the God thing
  • Be fired up for Jesus yet others don’t seem to understand the intense passion I wanted to serve.  It’s not everyday someone is fully charged and seems to run into people who aren’t used to such “all out attitude”. 
  • Questioning authority figures with doubts on specific topics along with asking for clarification and follow-up
  • Having God prompt you your actions are probably being used to teach or help clarify others
  • Ask local media for assistance to promote.
  • Fully share faith with non-believers and co-workers not sure if they are believers or not.  Need to get over this one!
  • Ask people to follow more structured processes even though you want to help
  • Almost feel I’m not as customer focused when I tell people I can’t help them right away.

Over and Out


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