My name is Steve and I am not a fan

Here is my “not a fan” story.  For those who are looking for a challenging book, read Not a Fan by Kyle Idleman. (  I started an event to help pickup trash the week before our local festival.  Definitely put me out of my comfort zone.  Here is the story behind why I did this project.

“I read a book called Not–A–Fan by Kyle Idleman.   The book covers two types of people who follow Jesus (fans and followers).  I came away with the feeling I wanted to be a follower, “be” out of my “comfort zone on purpose”.  On July 5th, I turned out of my road to go to work and there was trash blown on the street.  I initially drove by the trash trying to ignore it.  By the time I was about 2 or 3 blocks away, the little small still voice in my head said, you should go back and pickup that trash, so I did. 

As I was driving to work, the small still voice laid on my heart this project.  Coordinate an event to pick-up trash in Greenville (aka Clean-up Greenville) before Danish Festival 2012.  I sat on the idea for two days, ask my wife if she’d help, she agreed to go pick-up.  Then, I’m not quite what happened next, I started to put a plan together.  I stopped by a friends house on Sunday, he works for the city.  They would know who to contact at the Danish Festival, City of Greenville.  He put me in contact with everyone I needed.  The funny thing when I was talking to him, his wife was laughing, she stated “tell Steve what has been bugging you”.  The day before and morning of the day I stopped by their house, he was running on the bike trail and noticed a lot of trash, he picked up trash and it bugged him.  I came by Sunday afternoon to purpose this idea.  I know God was smiling to put this together.  I worked out the details, posted on line and starting visiting various local churches to get their assistance in making this happen.  My goal was to bring the various denominations, churches together to make things happen in God’s name. Many doors are opening and things are happening!. 

This book also inspired me a new journey called “40 days of doing uncomfortable things on-purpose’ . Who knows where that’ll lead me, with God on my side I’m sure it’ll be awesome!  My name is Steve Schofield and I’m not a fan!”

Thanks Kyle for doing your book!

Steve Schofield

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