40 days of doing something uncomfortable on purpose

It’s been a little bit since I sent an update on this topic.  This might be my last post or shortly after.  This started in early July and is quickly having closure.  I was telling someone about this and not sure what the next step will be regarding this idea.  Maybe it is just a method for the good Lord to help me to continue my journey.  I am at the same spot or similar as the 52 pickup book.  This great idea and not sure the direction, but I keep doing it knowing it’ll lead somewhere. 

Here is a bullet list of examples

Is there an activity that makes you feel really  uncomfortable but it’s something your child wants to do

Have your story become public that you share your faith.  This makes you feel vulnerable

Get down on your hands and knees to pray before the Lord in front of others

Realize the hardest people to share and change are those closest to you for they know you the best

Ask people for a specific date when you want to be nice and fit around their schedule if all possible

Knowing I have to give blood even though I get light headed for it and doing while on-call

Provide constructive feedback and tell a very smart person their demo’s are not clear, and not be able to complete them based on the information given

Have something you own not be up to standards and it is a topic that has been a weakness since my youth. 

Apologizing for something that was not quite communicated correctly

Seek guidance on a topic you were struggling with to understand

Inquire for a friend to come over at a strange hour

On purpose, not provide feedback since it does not directly involve me.

Follow-up directly with a person on a project and delay asking for final follow-up.  A missed opportunity!