52pickup – These are the words I give to you to share with everyone! Table of Contents

Here is the Table of contents and list of 52 topics.  The manuscript is done.  I need to just get images back from my Graphic Artist and waiting on permission for a couple of things.  Stay tuned!



What is in a Name?

How I was inspired to write the book

My Story and Testimony

Target Audience for the book

Section 1 – TRUCK FRAME

Topic 1-Anger

Topic 2-Bitterness

Topic 3-Clear

Topic 4-Define a Man

Topic 5-Eternal View

Topic 6-Flat

Topic 7-I AM

Topic 8-Joy

Topic 9-Is God Normal?

Topic 10-Pray Silently, Pound Loudly

Topic 11-Potential

Topic 12-Sting

Topic 13-Total Faith

Section 2 – BODY

Topic 14-Whisper

Topic 15-Apathy

Topic 16-Challenge

Topic 17-Contentment

Topic 18-Despair

Topic 19-Failure

Topic 20-Focus

Topic 21-Is God Safe?

Topic 22-Listen

Topic 23-Rejected

Topic 24-Shock

Topic 25-What Temptation Tries to do

Topic 26-Turn a leaf over

Section 3 – ENGINE

Topic 27-Witness

Topic 28-Scales

Topic 29-Attitude of Fear

Topic 30-Change

Topic 31-Control

Topic 32-Down

Topic 33-Fester

Topic 34-Glimpses of Doubt

Topic 35-I Sin

Topic 36-More

Topic 37-Persistence

Topic 38-Respect

Topic 39-Sleeping in Gods House


Topic 40-The Broken

Topic 41-Unobtainable

Topic 42-Perspective

Topic 43-Be Ready

Topic 44-Choice

Topic 45-Crack Sealer

Topic 46-Empty

Topic 47-Fix It

Topic 48-He

Topic 49-It Stinks No More

Topic 50-Static

Topic 51-Thirst

Topic 52-My Savior wears bibs


Miscellaneous Information

Truck Bed (Credits, References)

Credits, References