52pickup – These are the words I give to you to share with everyone! Table of Contents

Here is the Table of contents and list of 52 topics.  The manuscript is done.  I need to just get images back from my Graphic Artist and waiting on permission for a couple of things.  Stay tuned!



What is in a Name?

How I was inspired to write the book

My Story and Testimony

Target Audience for the book

Section 1 – TRUCK FRAME

Topic 1-Anger

Topic 2-Bitterness

Topic 3-Clear

Topic 4-Define a Man

Topic 5-Eternal View

Topic 6-Flat

Topic 7-I AM

Topic 8-Joy

Topic 9-Is God Normal?

Topic 10-Pray Silently, Pound Loudly

Topic 11-Potential

Topic 12-Sting

Topic 13-Total Faith

Section 2 – BODY

Topic 14-Whisper

Topic 15-Apathy

Topic 16-Challenge

Topic 17-Contentment

Topic 18-Despair

Topic 19-Failure

Topic 20-Focus

Topic 21-Is God Safe?

Topic 22-Listen

Topic 23-Rejected

Topic 24-Shock

Topic 25-What Temptation Tries to do

Topic 26-Turn a leaf over

Section 3 – ENGINE

Topic 27-Witness

Topic 28-Scales

Topic 29-Attitude of Fear

Topic 30-Change

Topic 31-Control

Topic 32-Down

Topic 33-Fester

Topic 34-Glimpses of Doubt

Topic 35-I Sin

Topic 36-More

Topic 37-Persistence

Topic 38-Respect

Topic 39-Sleeping in Gods House


Topic 40-The Broken

Topic 41-Unobtainable

Topic 42-Perspective

Topic 43-Be Ready

Topic 44-Choice

Topic 45-Crack Sealer

Topic 46-Empty

Topic 47-Fix It

Topic 48-He

Topic 49-It Stinks No More

Topic 50-Static

Topic 51-Thirst

Topic 52-My Savior wears bibs


Miscellaneous Information

Truck Bed (Credits, References)

Credits, References

One thought on “52pickup – These are the words I give to you to share with everyone! Table of Contents”

  1. We are excited to read this. Can hardy wait to receive our autographed copy. Love you and are very proud of your walk with God.


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