Orchestrator Gold

The internet today is a vast amount of unorganized data although Google helps some. This reminds me of watching a TV show called “Gold Rush”.  For those not familiar, it’s a group of guys who started on a journey a few years ago with no knowledge how to dig for gold.  They put together some equipment, went north to Alaska and started digging.  For months, they stumbled, bumbled and didn’t find much gold.  They moved massive amounts of earth only to find enough gold to fill a coffee cup.   I give them credit for taking the risk and at least trying it, not many people would Smile.

Finding information on the internet is like this, there is so much information (dirt) to filter through. I’ve never been a regular user of RSS feeds although when coming up to speed on technologies, I like to join as many feeds, forums, email lists as possible. I review them periodically to pick up tips and look for ideas, and answers to any issues I might run across. It’s amazing reading other people’s issues how much you learn and for me, helps understand things better.

Thankfully with a few tools, I can find Orchestrator articles, tips and links.  I found FeedReader has an offline reader as well as an Online option.   I created a few search terms using their smart search option.  I used Orchestrator, Orchestrator 2012, Scorch, Opalis, System Center Orchestrator, Runbook and was amazed the speed it retrieved the results to a central spot.  I also use a Twitter Feed as a secondary means to finding information.  Here is the search “#scorch OR #orchestrator2012 OR #Orchestrator OR #SCO2012” I use.  Twitter is pretty noisy although I do pickup a GEM or two of information.  I review this feed about once a week.   One other GEM I found is the forums on Microsoft for Orchestrator (there are 6 individual forums) discussing various topics.  Each individual forum has an RSS feed.  Now I can review the forums among other information searched all in one spot.  This is about as much information as one can process (and make it useful). 

In conclusion, this is just a start of learning a technology, although it’s a niche product right now, Microsoft appears to be positioning Orchestrator as a key tool to achieve many things across all their products.  If you have a tip, a cool website or place for information regarding Orchestrator 2012, pass it along. 

Until Next time,

Steve Schofield
Microsoft MVP – ASP.NET/IIS

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