To my surprise guess what showed up on Amazon

Now that the manuscript, cover are complete. The final phase of getting the book published and available is an exciting and scary time.  Smile    One of the popular places is having the book available on Amazon.  The package I purchased from includes getting the book available.  To my surprise, I searched for 52 pickup and Steve Schofield on Amazon, my book showed up.  It’s the second book I’ve been part of, my first Christian devotional book.  The other book was a technical book I helped author a few years ago.

I started a Facebook page and updated with the images from the book.  I don’t declare to be a designer, thank the good Lord for a friend who did the images.   My hope is to start being able to share this story God provided with as many people as possible.  I give all the credit to the good Lord, I’m just along for the ride.  He also has mentioned to get into blogging, start a monthly newsletter, sign-up here @

I think that is all for now, stay tuned I hope many more things to come.

God Bless,


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