Small things do matter

Since I got the book completed this week and starting on the journey to promote the book.  Being a self-publisher author provides a lot of opportunities, freedom.  The normal benefit of working with a traditional publisher removes the obstacle of getting your works in normal book stores.  One thing I’m starting to appreciate as a self-publisher God will be actively involved in the process.  Just today, I had a God sighting where he worked his awesomeness and introduced to me another individual who has a lot of experience self-publishing books, and is willing to share some of their experience.  Additionally, I had another opportunity get my book, in a retail store.  The person who helped me out REALLY has a passion to help local authors.  And lastly, there are two avenues of people who helped me on the journey. 

So, progress is coming .  I have a couple of friends who have purchased the book and going through it.  The stories God shared with me are absolutely amazing and it’s shining through!  I had another opportunity to start doing God’s work with a new found friend.  It’s going to be a fun ride and I hope to have many opportunities to share more good news.

God Bless,


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