The next chapter

I posted on Facebook, Twitter I started the journey promoting 52pickup.   One of the first replies I got on twitter, I want to hear your story was posted by Amy Wells. (Someone actually reads twitter!) Without sounding too much like a book seller, the story is in 52 pickup. Smile I stopped by two churches close to where I live.  The first one was a larger church with multiple pastors.  When I got there, I had my only copy of 52pickup in hand, not sure what to say.  I wondered about the church for a couple minutes, wondered back into the office.  A nice young man asked me, can I help you?  I mentioned I wanted to talk to someone about the God Story he has given me to share.  He was polite and mentioned the person who schedules stuff for the pastors was on vacation and would be back next week.  I wasn’t too pushy and said thank you and left.  The thing that hit me the most is in the book, I have a section who the target audience is.  The idea was, hey Steve “talk to the pastor who handles small groups or spiritual formation’.  Lesson learned.

I stopped by a small church on my way home.  I spoke with a very nice gentleman who was playing catch with his golden retriever. We talked about the church and it’s denomination.  He mentioned about what his regular teaching is each week.  A side note, it was interesting he had a throwing stick to play catch with his dog.  That was a good idea.  Anywho, he mentioned the pastor was up at the door and if I needed them, I probably needed to ring the door bell.  I rang it twice, no answer so I went back to my car.  I figured, three strikes and I was out mentality, so I went to the door again, rang it one more time.  This time a nice person came to the door.  I introduced myself, mentioned I was out sharing a story God laid on my heart.  I mentioned the book was something God helped write and a few other details.  She went and talked to the Pastor, he declined to want to setup a meeting to discuss and wasn’t interested.  I’m rather direct at times and dislike being told no.  God laid on my heart a little saying about promoting the book.  I think he shared this with me so I wouldn’t worry about what others say or comment.  For those reading this and are in sales, I commend you for handling rejection in something you have a passion for.   The saying was “When someone tells you no, they are telling me no, not you but I need you to try”.  (btw that is answer to prayer)  I said thank you and God Bless, have a nice holiday.   The good news I did get one lead from a good friend, so 1 out of 3 wasn’t bad.  The one lead helped me determine who I should target when discussing and ‘what’ to discuss.  This is still being worked out, but I know I’ll find a good pattern and “sales pitch”

52pickup has the word ‘everyone’ in the sub-title, I get the sense I have to try to tell ‘everyone’.  I’m not sure everyone will ever read it honestly, but the journey is worth telling (since they are God’s words).  It’s not a rags to riches story, or something overly dramatic by the world standards, but in my life, changing from the inside out has been an awesome experience.  Which, I think each and every person would attest having something change in their life for the better (and different) is good and they like to talk about it.  

A few years ago God showed me a way to take what was bothering me and write devotionals.   I collected enough of them two years ago to make a calendar.  I shared the calendar with a few close friends, family who helped change things in my life.  I wasn’t sure if that was the end of writing.   Christmas 2010 came and went, I asked the good Lord if I needed to keep writing.  On 1/1/2011, I wrote seven stories, which was an answer to prayer.  You are not done!  For the next few weeks in 2011, I kept writing, asking God, what am I supposed to do with these stories.  One day coming home from work, God laid on my heart, here are the details and he laid out the plan.

In Matthew 10:32 Jesus states, “Therefore everyone who confesses Me before men, I will also confess him before My Father who is in heaven.” (NASB).  52 pickup:”These are the words I give to you to share with everyone”contains my testimony, how the book came about and a collection of 52 God inspired poems.  The 52 poems are based on everyday events in my life since accepting Christ as my savior in August 2007.  The poems cover such topics as Anger, Temptation, and Bitterness to name a few.

The target audience for ’52 Pickup is anyone looking for devotionals to use in a small group, as ministry and sermon ideas, or just be inspired by God’s words. Every story is inspired by God; I was just the person who typed the words. I would read or see some key words, and then all of a sudden I would be writing a story. After the story was done, I would read it and know that God had inspired it. There has been little altering or proofreading. I’ve included with each poem, scripture to reference, and a “Story Behind the Poem.” These are brief snippets I captured at the time trying to explain the situation that inspired the writing. Some are more in-depth than others, but meant to communicate was happening at the time. 

The book also showed me God has a sense of humor.  I always wanted to own an old truck, when he revealed the details including name of the book, I laughed!   I got my 52 pickup truck, it was not what I expected.  It is my hope the poems in 52 pickup will inspire you as much as they have me!

“Scripture quotations taken from the NASB © The Lockman Foundation ( )”

So there is a start, this will help me refine as I go.  I’m just looking for opportunities to share the story about the book, tell a story or two and maybe sell a book or two. Smile  More details and thoughts to come about the journey!

God Bless,

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