Did you know?! A few facts about how 52 pickup came together.

Here are a few facts about 52 pickup I’m not sure that have been shared.  These describe the attention to detail and quality the good Lord wanted in 52 pickup.  It’s been awesome experience, and it’s only the beginning.

  • The manuscript has been coming together for almost 2 years (Feb 2011), the stories have been evolving for last four to five years.  There have been several drafts and revisions along the way and was finalized in the fall of 2012.
  • The book has been reviewed by three individuals including a professional editorial service.  I wanted to ensure a top-quality manuscript including proper grammar and wording.  Even after the three separate reviewers, the original poem text was altered very little.  This re-enforces to me these are God’s words and not mine.
  • There was one section every poem had was removed after the third reviewer recommended it.  The first two reviewers also recommended and I thought God wanted them.  One day he reminded me of the sub-title “These are the words I give to you to share with everyone”.   The small still voice made it plainly clear, “those” words aren’t what I gave you to share, they should be removed.  I prayed to ensure that was the right direction.  He responded with the “answer”, how many times does it take for you to get something? My answer was, “must be three times”. Smile 
  • A professional graphic artist was available to make an awesome cover and help provide that initial “WOW” moment!
  • “My Story” (aka my testimony) was written after being prompted in fall of 2011 by Pastor Joel Heron”, it came together in 4 weeks.
  • God provided during this entire journey, both resources (money and people), to help get 52 pickup to this point.  And continues too!
  • A friend gave us the book The Road Home by Denise Jackson helped me find the publishing house, WestBowPress who helped me publish 52pickup.  She published the book using Thomas Nelson, one of the largest Christian publishers, WestBowPress is the self-publishing wing of Thomas Nelson.


I was reading a “how-to” on publishing a book, every suggestion I think was covered in my journey.  With all the books out there, I wanted to make sure every detail is known. 

Share your stories @ www.52pickup.co

God Bless,


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