Clean Slate — 21 Days to a fresh start — Third devotional book

Day 1 of the start of book three.  Clean Slate – 21 Days to a fresh start.  I’m typing this as a reminder when I start to put the manuscript together for this book.  I met a friend today to discuss presenting on 52 pickup : These are the words I give to you to share with everyoneHe is interested in me sharing the story to a local group of people.  As we were talking about my second book, which is currently in process of being edited by me, he mentioned a name of a friend who helped me gather some information that inspired me for Remember the Nails : 40 days of doing something uncomfortable on purpose.  he mentioned there is a triathlon in Greenville MI on June 1st.  For anyone who knew me during my high school years running track, running was the last thing I wanted to do, let alone bike and swim.  I’m still not sure the swimming part, my youngest son mentioned he might do this with me. 

Anywho, when I got to thinking, I was presented my third book title.  I was wondering what new things God had in-store for me.  Doing a triathlon is something way out there for me.  It’s Day 1 of the workout, a friend of mine told me about a program called Couch to 5k. I’m not quite I’m a total couch potato, but close to it.  As with my previous two books, there was an extended event I would be inspired to write about.  The third book themed around New Year’s resolutions, which is starting fresh.   Another item that inspired me was a couple years ago, I took a class and the teacher mentioned something about he works out year round (running, lifting weights), but takes the first three weeks off in January.  He typically will go back on January 22nd.  Which seems like an odd day. He told me the Gym’s are filled up until about the third week of January. 

After he mentioned it takes 21 days to develop a habit, I thought that would be a good theme for a book.   The 21 poems I typically write would be based on inspiring scripture I’m sure the good Lord would let me know about.   He doesn’t let me down, as I was driving to work on 1/16, he mentioned this is a new Beginning (I had the word Crisp laid on my heart too), where better to start in Genesis. I only have 20 more to write Smile  Unlike the first two books, I had plenty of poems ahead of time, I’m starting from scratch, as with the other two, I have an basic outline, just not the story, which I ‘m starting to write about, I’ll blog this one. 

Stay tuned!

God Bless


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