What is in a layout? This is what God reveal to me for Remember the Nails.

Thought Iíd share this, Itís about my second book and a section I was prompted to add. 

What is in a layout?

Towards the end of putting together the layout of the manuscript, I had the forty poems in four sections with ten poems each. I planned on having a theme after American football. Section one was first and 40, section two was Second and 30, section three was third and 20 and last was forth and 10. That didnít quite feel right, but I had a feeling something else God would reveal to me.

To my pleasant surprise, the numbers have biblical meaning used in layout and communicate a message that goes along with the book title. For instance, the title includes forty days. Jesus spent forty days in the wilderness fasting and being tested in Matthew 4:2. When Noah was on the Ark, it rained for forty days and forty nights, mentioned in Genesis 7:12. The poems are categorized into four sections, the first three contain thirteen, which was the number of people at the last supper. Iíve seen accounts where people question that, but Iím going on he had twelve disciples and him, which is thirteen. Matthew 26:20-25 mentions twelve. The last section only contains one story, you may wonder why just one. Read on…

The first section is called Wood. The cross was made of wood. The second section is called Nails, which Jesus had pounded into his hands and feet. The last section is called Spear, which was used to verify he was dead. The last section is called Result, which contains a poem called Wounds. When Jesus returned, he showed doubt Thomas (John 20:24-29) the Wounds. As I was typing this section, we only have one savior, which is the result. There is only way to the father, mentioned in John 14:6.

As the title mentions, Remember the Nails. Each time you do something that is not Christ-like, you are contributing to the pain Jesus felt while hanging on the cross. He bore our sins for all people, for all time while on the cross. That is a chilling statement. Iím thankful Christ Jesus did that for me. I wanted to share the lengths the good Lord goes when prompting me to write my devotional book and the meaning behind them. They have subtle, yet powerful meaning. I surely know I canít think of these ways to make every section have a special meaning, but our Lord can do that. As you read, remember the layout has special meaning as well.

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