Clean Slate : Week 4

This has been a productive week.  I went from swimming on my back doing the back stroke to using a kick board.  It doesnít feel comfortable, performing freestyle is necessary to complete the swimming portion of a triathlon.  A good friend shared a few drills, which Iím training with now.   One inspiration this week and appears to be my theme verse for Clean Slate is Hebrews 11:8-11.  As I type this, I still canít swim freestyle more than 1/2 lap in a swimming pool, that is dreadful and makes me wonder, but Iíll keep after it.  Putting together swimming stroke, breathing and good form is the goal on the swimming portion.  I admire those who can, breathing in the water is a challenge!  I have faith Iíll over come.

Entered the 4th week of running, Couch to 5k is an amazing 9 week program, the intervals are gradual enough, it can take someone like me who didnít like running and look forward to that workout.  This week had the running more than walking.  I peaked in the 5th week, the running portion has two 8 minutes intervals.  That is close to running 2 miles.  Me, running two miles, yeah right. Itís encouraging.  On the biking portion, Iím going to get my own Spinning bike, I enjoy working out in the comfort of my own home than at a club. 

Training twice a day 4 days this week takes a lot of time, energy.  Iím over the hurdle of doing exercise on a regular interval, itís a matter of juggling everything else in life and continue train.. I admire people who train for these events, it provides a new perspective because I honestly canít imagine finishing, let alone trying to win an event. 

In conclusion, the adventure continues, week 4 in the books.  The theme verse and trying new things in swimming highlight the week and I think will help take steps forward in becoming like I can finish 1/4 mile swimming.  In a week or so, Iíll be traveling so training will be interesting! 

Keep on battling,


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