What do you believe?

This story is about helping you think about what you believe. There are those who don’t believe in anything. There are those who believe, can’t see what they believe, but have faith in what they believe.  Those who don’t believe in anything are so paranoid about those who believe, it causes all kinds of unbelief.  Not sure why those who don’t believe get so crazy.  Those who believe want those who don’t believe to believe.  This causes more paranoia and the person who doesn’t believe to feel uneasy.  Those who don’t believe and those who do will eventually go somewhere, not sure where, not sure when.  This riddle is not meant to convince others, promote one side or another.  Those who don’t believe can’t be convinced until they are ready to believe, hope that time comes before they are unable to believe. 

In closing, what do you believe?  Why do you believe?  What things happened in your life to cause you to believe in what you believe? Be comfortable with your choice in what you believe, because only you can control what you believe, unless the one who the ones who believe chooses you for his work. Your work might turn into trying to convince those who don’t believe and try to help them believe.   You use your story of not believing to those who don’t believe and hope they eventually believe.  I hope if you are reading this story, it makes you think about what you believe.  Believe it or not, you will make a choice.

God bless,


An Update to this:  While in church on Palm Sunday (3/24), the pastors announced it was passion week.  On Palm Sunday, Jesus road into Jerusalem, people laying down palm branches shouting his name “Hosanna” as mentioned in John 12:12-19. I had the prompt for this story a few days earlier after reading a story on some non-believers.   The story covered multiple religions and their take on a particular topic, not sure what the topic was in the article.   This frustrated me someone knocking people’s belief in Jesus, I took it a little personal.  One of my temptations I need to stay away from is non-believers and their sarcasm.  It’s not my place to argue with non-believers, it does no good.  All I can do is give my testimony and share what Jesus has done in my life.  I heard a neat saying from a former atheist who stated, they would rather be in the circle of people learning and seeking answers than sitting on the outside, complaining waiting for answers.  It went something to that effect.  I also had the prompt this would be the opening phrase or discussion in the 3rd devotional book (One Reason : 21 days to a new beginning).   These little prompts really are cool when God uses them, I get so excited I want to share everything and know there is a time and place when this story will be told.  For goodness sakes, it’s still being written.  Anywho, enjoy the riddle! 

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